The BKI® Combi-King® ETE061R combination oven provides maximum flexibility—use moist heat, dry heat, or any combination without the use of a boiler system. Our Meteo System constantly monitors the climate inside the cooking chamber so you can maintain the exact degree of humidity, anywhere from 0% to 100%.  Taking it a step further, our SteamTuner system adjusts the hydration level of the steam from very wet to very dry depending on your menu items.  These two systems work together to deliver instant steam and assures the perfect volume of steam without the de-liming and maintenance issues associated with traditional boiler systems. The result is absolute control over the chamber environment.

All Combi-King® ovens come standard with intuitive touchscreen controls that are pre-programmed with a full array of menu selections to get you cooking right away. Easily program over 1,000 menu items with up to 9 steps each to control your recipes precisely. Once programmed to your exact requirements, producing your customers’ favorite meals is just a push of a button. The results are consistently delicious every time.

Model Specifications

Model Specifications

Height: 34.68″
Width: 33.98″
Depth: 33.66″
Weight: 236 lb

Electrical Options

Volts – kW – Amps
208 – 10.4 – 29.5

Required Clearances

Left:  0″ (20″ for service)
Right : 0″
Front:  23″ for door swing
Back:  3″ for plumbing

Water Connections

Cold water connection: 3/4″
Soft water connection: 3/4″
Drain: 2″

Pan Capacity

Half size sheet pan: 6 ea. 13″ x 18″
Steam table pans: 6 ea. 12″ x 20″ x 2.5″

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