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Nick Swanson


Nick Swanson Managing Director | Georgia Sales Nick Swanson entered the Food Service Equipment world in April 2008. He graduated from Georgia College & State University in [...]

Nick Swanson2022-11-04T21:36:15+00:00

Seth Swanson


Seth Swanson Managing Director | Tennessee Sales Seth Swanson has been part of the CGA team since 2006. He has a total of 12 years in [...]

Seth Swanson2022-11-04T21:36:35+00:00

Dave Blum


Dave Blum Managing Director | Georgia Sales Dave Blum has been a part of the CGA team since February, 2010. Dave has been in the Foodservice [...]

Dave Blum2022-11-04T21:36:51+00:00

John Stephens


John Stephens Foodservice Dealer John has a 35 plus year career as a Manufacturers Representative in the Food Service Equipment and Supply Industry. John began his career in [...]

John Stephens2019-06-08T19:47:39+00:00

Angelo Po America


Angelo Po America Inc. is a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway Company. With 95 years of innovative and technologically advanced manufacturing expertise in professional cooking equipment, the Angelo Po brand name [...]

Angelo Po America2022-11-30T04:42:49+00:00



Bally is a leading manufacturer of walk-in coolers, freezers, blast-chillers and other refrigeration products. Bally products are uniquely designed to save you time and money as you [...]


Bi-Line Conveyor Systems


Bi-line is based and manufactured in Winston-Salem, NC and has been creating quality conveyors for over two decades. We share the factory with champion dishwashers and often [...]

Bi-Line Conveyor Systems2018-11-15T00:16:07+00:00

Champion Industries


CGA Reps is the new “Champion Industries” Rep for the MAFSI 12 Region! Over 120 years of experience in the commercial dishwasher business has [...]

Champion Industries2018-11-09T17:12:33+00:00
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