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Sanit-ICE from OptiPure


Sanit-ICE from OptiPure About Sanit-ICE "The OptiPure® Sanit-ICE is an external wall-mounted self-contained ozone ice treatment system. Easy mounting with a Z-Bar integrated into the back of the extruded enclosure. This unit will adapt to any size ice machine [...]

Sanit-ICE from OptiPure2019-05-22T16:04:54+00:00

Advance Tabco


In 1929, two brothers from Ukraine started manufacturing and distributing beer equipment in lower Manhattan. With the fourth generation firmly in place, our Advance Tabco family has grown to include 10 distribution and manufacturing facilities across the United States. We continually work to expand our capabilities to better serve our customers. Our catalog [...]

Advance Tabco2019-05-15T21:44:30+00:00

CGA Reps ACF Chef Meeting


CGA Reps ACF Chef Meeting Welcome everybody, hopefully you guys had enough to eat and plenty of food one more round of applause to Chef Helmut and Chef Cedric. We are a food service equipment rep group here in Atlanta. We're actually just up the road. We represent a number of [...]

CGA Reps ACF Chef Meeting2019-05-15T19:01:31+00:00

Angelo Po America


Angelo Po America Inc. is a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway Company. With 95 years of innovative and technologically advanced manufacturing expertise in professional cooking equipment, the Angelo Po brand name being synonymous with quality workmanship, durability and value; has earned unprecedented global respect and brand loyalty; and is widely recognized as the brand of choice [...]

Angelo Po America2019-05-06T17:43:35+00:00

CGA Reps Ice Solutions


CGA Reps Ice Solutions Stoelting Ice Machines Established in 1905, Stoelting is a diversified manufacturer of frozen beverage equipment including soft serve, yogurt, shake, custard and batch freezers, and frozen beverage dispensers; Aqueous Cleaning Systems for general industrial operations, ultrasonic [...]

CGA Reps Ice Solutions2019-04-25T20:09:37+00:00

Spray Master Technologies


Spray Master Technologies is the world's highest quality pressure washing system available. Each design, including the unique central system configuration, incorporates the highest quality components and design for exceptional cleaning in large facilities while saving labor, chemicals, water, and money. Our experience with pressure washers began in the mid 1960's, now SMT [...]

Spray Master Technologies2019-05-06T16:44:18+00:00

Elevation Series Ice Maker by Ice-O-Matic


Elevation Series Ice Maker by Ice-O-Matic The new and groundbreaking Elevation Series from Ice-O-Matic is designed to simplify life. Our cube ice machines are easy to clean, easy to service, simple to operate, and environmentally responsible without sacrificing productivity. The Elevation Series provides clean, dependable [...]

Elevation Series Ice Maker by Ice-O-Matic2019-04-02T21:46:41+00:00

Franke Revolutionary EcO3Ice™


FRANKE REVOLUTIONARY EcO3Ice™ EcO3Ice™, the antimicrobial ice protection system by Franke, is a compact, low-power device that continuously treats incoming water used by ice machines to dramatically reduce microbial build-up, including bacteria, yeast and mold. EcO3Ice™ cuts the frequency of professional, deep cleanings by [...]

Franke Revolutionary EcO3Ice™2019-03-28T17:47:09+00:00

Cafeteria Food Equipment


Cafeteria Food Equipment Get A Quote Solution Provider At CGA, we add value to our customers by being a “solution provider.” We are not going to simply sell equipment and move on. It is our responsibility to educate the [...]

Cafeteria Food Equipment2019-03-23T00:22:01+00:00
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