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296ITV® Ice Makers

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ITV® Ice Makers

ITV® Ice Makers

ITV has been in business for more than 30 years, each year with the strive to introduce new energy efficient ice makers that meet the ever changing market and demand.  ITV accomplishes this through Quality, Simplicity, Reliability and Serviceability.

Quality – over 25 different models, with 304 s/s construction making the ITV Ice Maker one of the most durable in the industry.

Simple – utilizes electro-mechanical timers and thermostats making the ice makers easy to comprehend and making the replacement parts easily found.

Reliable – All machines are 100% tested before leaving the factory!  3 year parts and labor warranty on entire machine plus additional 2 year parts on evaporator and compressor.

Serviceable – Supported by both an internal service staff for customer trouble shooting as well as a national broad base of independent service agencies throughout North America.

ICE for Life.

ITV Ice Makers Foodservice Solutions Include: