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Don’t Let Wet Nesting Into Your Tree

Posted on November 27th, 2013. Filed under Food Safety.  1 Comment »

What is “wet nesting?” Wet nesting is a growing problem that kitchens are dealing with and are receiving unnecessary points taken off their health inspection because of it…some up to 10 points! Wet nesting occurs when clean pans are stacked together as they are coming out of the dish machine or pot sink without completely drying first. This action will cause water to pool and, if not dried properly or quickly, can create a breeding ground for bacteria…..on clean pans!

How do we eliminate this? Well, we had a School Nutrition Director come to us to help them with this problem. We originally suggested PR48VX3, which is a great tray drying rack but not ideal for all applications. They did not use stock pots, bowls or deep steam table pans, this particular county needed a solution to store sheet pans (18” x 26”) and full size steam table pans (12” x 20”) safely so that, in their words, “could get my health inspector off my back!”

We use a Metro Tray Drying Rack that eliminates “Wet Nesting” and creates a solution for many directors here in GA. Now, I realize we didn’t create this and that many of you probably have been using this for years. Having said that, many of you might not be using this and I wanted to share the success we have had.

We designed a (4) tiered mobile Max iQ unit for this. We used the Q posts instead of the i simply because the Director thought it was more solid to move around when fully loaded down. This county recently purchased (27) of these in May, based on the specifications we wrote. We were hero’s in the eyes of this county for solving a problem and developed even more confidence this director had in Metro and us.

The most recent success we had with this was at the TN school show where by having it there and talking about what it does we realized this was more than just a problem in GA and this TN Director just ordered (20) of them!

Happy Health Inspector = Happy Customer


Nick Swanson

Nick Swanson entered the Food Service Equipment world in April 2008. He graduated from Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville, GA in 2007. While earning a degree in General Business, Nick joined the Carman-Girard team.

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